Postponed: De Facto Live #3

Due to the covid-19 restrictions our event of May 14 is postponed until further notice.

De Facto Live #3: An evening with writer Philip Dröge about Moresnet, concert pianist and Soviet expert Sara Crombach about Nagorno-Karabakh and Ecuadorian artist Oscar Santillan about Bermeja Island. Frictional states & bouncing borders, live at De Roode Bioscoop in Amsterdam.

According to the United Nations, there are 193 countries on earth. However, there is no rule to say what exactly makes a state. A president, a flag, a government? The reality is a lot more unruly. De Facto explores the realm of unrecognized states, fictional countries and curious border zones.

On this evening, there will be a live version of our platform We will interview Philip Dröge, who wrote a book about Moresnet, a triangular entity bordering the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany in the nineteenth century. What was so peculiar about it, and why did it disappear? Concert pianist and Soviet expert Sara Crombach will tell us about Nagorno-Karabakh, an unrecognized state in the Caucasus, and will play some classical music from this region. Ecuadorian artist Oscar Santillan will talk about a vanished place in the Gulf of Mexico: Bermeja Island. And an already legendary quiz by Suzanne Hendriks.