De Facto Live #9

With maplover Martijn Storms, artist Anika Franke and documentary makers Kevin Kraan and Pieter Symon. As always also with graphic designer Floor Koomen, moderation by Jorie Horsthuis and quiz by Suzanne Hendriks. Photography by Jerney Hakkenberg.

Suzanne Hendriks and Jorie Horsthuis at De Roode Bioscoop

Jerney Hakkenberg

Rain and thunder were roaring over Amsterdam, but we were happy to be back at De Roode Bioscoop for our ninth (!) edition of De Facto Live. From this lovely theater, we traveled all over the globe again, and through history.

Martijn Storms kicked off the evening with his favorite historical maps ‘du jour’. As a curator of maps and atlases at Leiden University Libraries, he is in the enviable position to care for a huge collection of interesting maps. As every map holds politics, it was interesting to pear over cartographic claims, imaginary landscapes and historical maps. If you’d like, you can keep updated on Martijns favorite maps, because he posts a fresh one everyday on his instagram account. And if you’d really like to delve into it, you can check out the fabulous book ‘Maps That Made History. 1000 Years of World History in 100 Old Maps’ and/or the one Martijn wrote together with Kester Freriks, on border-exploration: ‘Grensverkenningen’.

Martijn Storms and his presentation on maps.

Jerney Hakkenberg

If you’re interested in non-recognized countries, sooner or later you’ll stumble onto the Conifa World Championship of Football for non-recognized countries. Ten years ago, Conifa organized their first edition. Dutchies Kevin Kraan and Pieter Symon were present at the 2018 edition and made a documentary about it: Grassroots. With the audience, we watched some fragments and pondered over this curious and complex event. If you’d like to check out the whole documentary, you can do so here.

Suzanne Hendriks with Kevin Kraan and Pieter Symon on their documentary Grassroots.

Jerney Hakkenberg

Captivated by geopolitical graphics on stamps, coins, flags and money, graphic designer Floor Koomen took us into many rabbit holes with her inspiring and amusing presentation, traveling from North-Korea to Abkhazia and back.

Graphic designer Floor Koomen and her presentation about chess on stamps.

Jerney Hakkenberg

Artist Anika Franke was interviewed by Jorie Horsthuis. She took us back to her youth on the Dutch-German border, with her touching & funny graphic novel Ein Herz aus Senf. Countries that are separated by a barely visible border can be worlds apart, through the eyes of a child. You can have a look at the book here.

Anika Franke, interviewed by Jorie Horsthuis about the book Ein Herz aus Senf.

Jerney Hakkenberg

And, as always, there was a quiz by Suzanne Hendriks. The audience waved their flags at questions about state recognition and mermaids on flags. The price, Kashmir spices, went home with Philip Dröge, the author of the marvellous book about Moresnet.

Some happy flag waving at the quiz by Suzanne Hendriks.

Jerney Hakkenberg