Movies that Matter 2024

This Friday, 22nd of March, filmfestival Movies that Matter kicks off in The Hague (NL). We are sure the whole program is fabulous, still we cherrypicked some films that feature borders and/or contested territories.

Movies That Matter (Green Border)

The festival’s selection focuses on movies and documentaries related to human rights. From 22nd of March until the 30th of March, the program is jammed with good films and interesting topics. We’ve selected ten of them that feature borders and/or territorial conflicts.

  • The Border Crossed Us - by Loretta van der Horst, about human traffickers in de border region between Texas and Mexico.

  • Green Border - by Agnieszka Holland, about the border between Poland and Belarus and the refugees that have to traverse this area.

    Movies That Matter
  • The Insides of Our Lives - by Misja Pekel, a blend of found footage and fiction as two girls grow up along a European border.

  • I Shall Not Hate - by Tal Barda, about a Palestinian doctor’s mission of tolerance and forgiveness. Our co-founder Jorie Horsthuis will moderate a talk about this last film on Tuesday March 26 at Filmhuis Den Haag.

  • Homefront - by Anna Ilchenko, Anna Yutchenko. About a Ukranian family fleeing their home.

  • I am the River, the River is Me - by Petr Lomm, about the first river that was recognized as a legal person, in Aotearoa, as the Māori call New Zealand.

    Movies That Matter
  • I Promise You Paradise - by Morad Mostafa, about an undocumented person living in Egypt.

  • Invisible Nation - by Vanessa Hope, about Taiwan and its struggle for freedom.

  • Mediha - by Hasan Oswald. A young Yazidi woman survived kidnapping and enslavement by ISIS and goes on a quest.

  • YOL – by Kurdish filmmaker Yılmaz Güney. This film was banned in Türkiye until 1999 due to its depiction of Kurdish culture, and MTM will now show a newly produced ‘full’ version of the film.

    Have fun and we’d be happy to hear your thoughts!