• Contested territories
  • Inhabitants 6.668 (Baarle-Nassau) 2.592 (Baarle-Hertog)
  • Area 22 enclaves on 7.48 km² (Baarle-Hertog) 8 enclaves on 76.30 km² (Baarle-Nassau)

Baarle is a tiny village that is divided in to thirty pieces of land—mostly enclaves, sub-enclaves and exclaves—on the border of Belgium and the Netherlands. The Belgian parts of the village are called Baarle-Hertog and the Dutch form Baarle-Nassau. The village has two mayors, two police offices and two town councils. The border runs straight through streets, squares, gardens and even houses. It is not without reason that Baarle is often called the most curious village in the world.