• Micronations
  • Founded 20 December 1948
  • First Representative James T. Mangan
  • Capitol Evergreen Park, Illinois
  • Legally Recorded 1 January 1949
  • Currency 100 erg = 10 Joules = 1 Celeston
  • Motto A Nation of freedom, peace, and equality throughout the vastness of space

Early in January 1949 James Thomas Mangan posted a formal request to all the countries in the world to recognize his recently registered Nation of Celestial Space. This new nation was formed by ‘all of outer space’. The peaceful ideology behind this claim was that no other country should have political hegemony in space and Mangan protested actively against improper use of his territory, asking to ban nuclear tests and space flights. Mangan was praised and ridiculed during his lifetime but he did foresee the impact that space technology could have on geopolitics.