• Micronations
  • Founded 2 June 1996
  • Founder Lars Vilks
  • Area 1 km²
  • Capital Wotan City
  • Motto To Each His Own

This micronation stems from the creation of two sculptures named Arx and Nimis by Swedish artist Lars Vilks. The two sculptures were made in 1980 using 75 tons of driftwood on a beach in a nature reserve. Their remote location meant that they were not discovered for two years, when they were, the local authorities ordered their removal. To save them from destruction they were bought by artist Joseph Beuys and after his death by the artist couple Jeanne-Claude and Christo. In 1996 Vilks declared the micronation of Ladonia as protectorate nation for the sculptures. The Swedish government still wishes for the sculptures to be removed even though they have become a popular tourist attraction.