• Contested territories
  • Claimed by U.S.A. and Canada
  • Area 717 km² ocean 0,1 km² land
  • Population 2

Where the Canada-US border falls into the ocean, one final territorial dispute exists. Machias Seal Island is a 1-hectare landmass permanently inhabited by over 5,000 mating pairs of Puffins and two Canadian lighthouse keepers. The lighthouse, built in 1832, is now fully automated and the keepers reside there solely for reasons of sovereignty. The dispute stems from a disagreement interpreting a 1782 British-American peace treaty, and a 1621 Novia Scotian land grant. While the scientific community works together peacefully, granting land access to fifteen scientists per day from each side, the fishermen have already spilled blood in the ocean known as ‘The Grey Zone’. Climate change warms the waters, increasing in tandem the population of lobsters and rival fishermen. But when the sea warms up further, the lobsters will move elsewhere, leaving thus an inflated number of boats floating around the island.