• Micronations
  • Existence 1816-1920
  • Capital Kelmis
  • Population 3,000
  • Area 3,5 km²

Moresnet was a neutral territory between the Kingdom of the Netherlands (from 1830: Belgium) and the Kingdom of Prussia, which existed from 1816-1920. After the demise of Napoleon’s Empire, the kingdoms redrew the borders, but could not agree on this small piece of land because of a rich zinc mine. For the people who lived in this area, the neutral status was disruptive as they didn’t know which nationality they had, and whom to pay taxes to. The dead-straight borders were drawn right through houses and gardens. Moresnet became well-known in the early 20th century because of the initiatives to found an Esperanto-speaking state on this territory, named Amikeyo (Place of Friendship). Ultimately, in 1920, the area was annexed by Belgium.