• Micronations
  • Founded July 4, 1964
  • President Leicester Hemmingway
  • Area 0.00002 km²
  • Currency Scruple

This republic was founded in 1964 by Leicester Hemingway, the younger brother of American author Ernest Hemingway. He constructed a big raft out of steel, bamboo and iron piping and planted it on a shallow ocean bank in international waters, ten kilometers southwest of Jamaica. He argued that this raft was an island and claimed sovereignty under the Guano Island Act of 1856. Hemingway tried to convince the US government to finance him under the pretense of doing oceanographic research, but this was not awarded. His plan was to fill up the bank with rocks and so creating an artificial island. However, after a few years of settling, the raft was destroyed by a tropical storm and so ended Hemingways dream.