• Contested territories
  • Controlled by Chile
  • Claimed by Peru
  • Territorial dispute since 1883
  • Size 40,000 m²

The Terrestrial Triangle is a territory of four hectares, located between the city of Arica (Chile) and Tacna (Peru). It is a left-over piece of land from the disputed triangle in the sea, and it preserves the mines that the Chilean Army placed in the seventies. It was formed as a result of the problems faced by the engineers who placed the border markers in the 1930s. Administered by Chile since 1929, Peru has claimed sovereignty over the triangle and its coasts. The International Court of Justice of The Hague confirmed in 2014 that the territory is in dispute, and indicated that it was up to the President of the United States to resolve the issue as arbitrator of the boundary treaty of the two countries.