• Micronations
  • Founded 1970
  • Creator Fela Kuti
  • Dissolved 18 February 1977

Kalakuta Republic was a secessionist state within Nigeria that provided political asylum for musicians, friends and the extended family of popular afro-pop musician and activist Fela Kuti. Kuti founded his independent republic as a way of establishing freedom from the oppressive regime led by dictator Obasanjo who ruled Nigeria at the time. It was named after Calcutta, a prison cell in notorious Alagbon Close jail, where Kuti was held after one of his arrests. The republic enclosed Fela’s recording studio, entertainment outfit and a private clinic. However, on 18th February 1977, Kalakuta Republic was burned to the ground after an assault by armed government soldiers. In honor of Fela Kuti a museum bearing the name Kalakuta Museum was opened in Lagos on 15th October 2012.