• Micronations
  • Founded on 10 January 2017
  • Founder Witold Waszczykowski

San Escobar is a non-existent country and emerged out of a blunder by the former Polish minister of foreign affairs, Witold Waszczykowski. In January 2017, Waszczykowski told reporters that, in a bid for a non-permanent seat for Poland on the UN Security Council, he had meetings with officials from various countries, including meeting some Caribbean nations ‘perhaps for the first time in the history of our diplomacy. For example with countries such as San Escobar or Belize’. Soon after his mistake, San Escobar got a flag, currency, maps and a Twitter-account. There were even travel agencies that advertised holidays on the sandy beaches of San Escobar. Almost a year later, the Polish Minister lost his job due to a rearrangement of the government.