• Micronations
  • Founded November 30, 2007
  • Prince Renato Barros
  • Currency Bitcoin
  • Population 4

The islet of Pontinha and its fort, located in the Madeira Archipelago, were property of the Portuguese state until King Carlos I of Portugal sold the islet in 1903 to the Blandy family of Madeira, he needed money for infrastructure. In 2000, Madeiran art teacher Renato de Barros bought the islet and fort for € 25.000 from the Blandys and declared independence from Portugal, proclaiming himself Prince of Pontinha. In 2017 the micronation granted political asylum to the erratic Portuguese politician José Manuel Coelho, who had a pending prison sentence and is currently back in jail. At the moment, there are four citizens on the island: the prince, his wife, his son and his daughter.