• Micronations
  • Founded 27 November 1941
  • Area 190,768 km²
  • Capital Yreka
  • Govenor John Leon Childs
  • Population 2,313,958

The State of Jefferson is a collection of counties in Southern Oregon and Northern California. It was established on November 27th in 1941, when armed men roadblocked the borders and informed all vehicles about the new territory they were entering. The two X’s inside the gold pan on their flag symbolize the feeling of being double crossed by politicians when modernization shifted tax dollars away from their communities. Jeffersonians’ dreams of independence were derailed only days after, when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, thrusting the U.S. into WWII. The war effort took priority over independence, but the flags didn’t disappear. In 2013, there was a resurgence when several counties voted to secede from California and become the 51st state of America. The State of Jefferson is not to be confused with Calexit, California’s other secession movement looking to separate California from the United States.